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About Us

The Lower Fountain Water Quality Management Association (LFWQMA) was formed under a Joint Powers Agreement and specific authorities were given to the management association under section 208(c)(2) of the Clean Water Act along with recommended authorities in Project Aquarius (1974).  The LFWQMA received its Certificate of Incorporation on April 7, 1977.

The “traditional” role of the LFWQMA is to address associated issues and concerns of point source facilities rather than nonpoint source matters.  Partner’s of LFWQMA meet regularly to openly discuss and make recommendation for the approval or disapproval of specific planning and regulatory activities.  Recommendations are based on the guidance of the most recent area-wide 208 Planning Document.

Major activities that the Lower Fountain WQMA has been involved in include:

  • Continued concerns and discussions regarding ongoing water quality monitoring in the Widefield aquifer and associated high nitrate levels.
May contain: chart, plot, map, atlas, and diagram